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Minebea Intec

Sartorius Intec is now Minebea Intec, has been a leading innovator of scales, process load cells and other weighing equipment for over thirty years. The commitment to quality and accuracy shows in the production of the top of the line products and Data Weighing Systems.

EAST has been partnering with Minebea since 2005 and covering all industrial soluations using the following portfolio:

  • Load cells
  • Industrial scales and weighing platforms
  • Inspection soluations (Metal detecors , Checkweighing and X-Ray systems).

Let us use our experience to help you better utilize your existing Minebea Intec products or help you choose the best new industrial scale, load cell or inspetion ssystems.

Load Cells

Vessel and silo weighing 500 kg - 520 t

PR 6201 Compression load cell

Compression load cells from 100 t to 520 t provide absolute precision for container cars and dosing systems. Made of stainless steel, they are highly resistant and also insensitive to vibrations.

Product Features

  • Proven rocker pin principle for best compensation of expansion and shear forces
  • Load cell capacity range from 100 t to 520 t
  • Accuracy class: L (0.5%) and N (0.06%)
  • Corresponding mounting kits (certified according to EN 1090)

Available also in models PANCAKE PR 6251 and INTECO which Cover capacity range from 500 kg to 75 t .

Vessel and silo weighing 30 kg - 10 t

PR 6211 Compression load cells

PR 6211 specially designed for container weighing and use in confined spaces. Can be used in Ex zone 2, 22 and FM DIV 1.

Product Features

  • Compact design ensuring a low system height
  • Load cell capacity range from 30 kg to 300 kg
  • Accuracy class: 0.05 %
  • Extreme wide temperature range
  • Corresponding mounting kits

A Wide range of weight is available in models PR 6212 and PR 6241.

Tension load cells

PR 6246 Tension load cell S-Type

PR 6246 specially designed for tank and hopper weighing, hybrid scales and high-precision dosing systems. For use in EX zones 1, 2, 20, 21, 22 and FM DIV 1.

Product Features

  • Ultra-high precision load cell for batching applications
  • Load cell capacity range from 100 kg to 3 t
  • Accuracy class: D1 (0.04 %), C3 (0.015 %), C6 (0.008 %)
  • Corresponding mounting kit: PR 6046

Available also in model LC TIGO S-type load cell

Hygenic solutions

PR 6202 Compression Load Cell

The PR 6202 is the world’s first load cell strictly designed in accordance with the hygienic design principles for vessel and silo weighing developed by the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group

Product features

  • Easy corner adjustment by matched load cell output
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Wide temperature range
  • High overload capacity
  • Resistant against vibrations
  • Hermetically sealed, IP68 (depth of 1.5 m for 10,000 hrs.), IP69K
  • Ex-version available (PR 6202/..E)
  • Accuracy class: C1 (0,03%) and C3 (0,015%)

A wide range of load cells for Hygenic solution is available in models CONTEGO and NOVEGO load cells. 

Truck scale components

PR 6221 Truck scale load cell

The PR 6221 becomes a digital solution. Developed for the toughest environmental conditions the load cell can withstand even a water immersion of 1.5 m depth and more than 10,000 hours duration. Matching installation kits and cable boxes complete the range.


  • Fill quantity control
  • Filling and Dosing
  • Weighing

Available also in model PENDEO TRUCK . 

Digital vessel and silo weighing

PENDEO PROCESS Digital load cell

The digital load cells in the Pendeo® Process series from Minebea Intec are specially designed for silo and process vessel weighing.

Product features

  • Capacities from 2t up to 50t
  • Easy to install
  • Tried-and-tested pendulum support principle
  • Housing made from stainless steel
  • High overload capacity
  • Not sensitive to vibrations
  • Hermetically sealed, IP68 (1.5 m water depth/10,000 hrs), IP69k

Platform scale load cells

MinebeaMitsumi Single Point Load Cell BCL-A

MinebeaMitsumi Single Point Load Cell BCL-A is ideal for installation in platform scales and integration into machines: with the BCL-A single point load cell, you rely on proven quality from a leading manufacturer of industrial weighing technology. Suitable for load ranges from 300 g to 4.5 kg and a platform size of up to 300 mm × 300 mm.

Single point load cells are available also in the following types and ranges:

  • U2D1 Easy integration into dynamic checkweighers and suitable for load ranges from 3 kg to 100 kg
  • CB17 Easy integration into platform scales and machines and suitable for load ranges from 600 g to 3 kg
  • LC ALUMINIUM Accurate measurement results for scale production and suitable for load ranges of 5 kg to 750 kg

Beam type load cells

PR 6207 Load cell

The PR 6207 Bending Beam Weigh Cell is made from stainless steel and is available in a load range from 10 kg to 200 kg. This weigh cell is specially designed for use in simple hopper weighing applications and is suitable for integration into hybrid scales and dosing systems.

  • Beam type load cells are available also in the following types and ranges
  • MP 58, MP 58T with capacity range from 91 kg to 2.268 t
  • MP79 / MP79T with capacity range from 227 kg to 5.099 kg
  • MP 77 Load cell capacity range from 10 kg to 500 kg

Inspection Solutions

Metal detector coils

Secus Metal Detector

The Secus metal detector provides highly efficient and effective protection for your machines. It prevents the penetration of metallic foreign bodies into your production process and thus reduces downtimes due to repairs to a minimum. Furthermore, your employees are also reliably protected from injuries caused by splintering metal parts. Designed especially for heavy industry, Secus is particularly convincing due to its extremely robust design and detection sensitivity, which has been optimised especially for the raw materials industry.


  • Foreign body detection.
  • Statistical process control.

Secus is available in various designs for ideal integration into your production process.


The standard coil which ensures maximum sensitivity


The divisible coil which can be installed around your conveyor belts without separating them. It can also be removed without affecting the conveyor belt.


The under-belt coil which is positioned beneath the conveyor belt.

Check also VISTUS metal detector For maximum detection performance and reliability.

Topshooters x-ray

DYMOND X-ray inspection system

The innovative X-ray inspection system Dymond reliably detects foreign objects, including in desserts, salad mixes or ready-made meals. At the same time, Dymond helps to check important quality attributes, such as mass, filling levels, completeness and integrity.

Product features

  • Foriegn object detection.
  • Level control
  • Protecion degree IP 65
  • Stainless steel material

Available also in models DYMOND BULK and DYLIGHT . Featuring 3 models it is able to cover the majority of applications for inspecting packaged products.

Sideshooters x-ray

DYMOND S X-ray inspection system

The Dymond S side shooters offer reliable detection of foreign objects in tall, upright packaging
The compact hygienic design, interfaces and reliable image processing at high speeds allow for efficient integration into automated production processes.

Product features

  • Reliable inspection with a high throughput
  • Maximum safety through multi-sided radioscopy opens up new possibilities in product design
  • Seamless integration and installation
  • Quick and easy cleaning thanks to the hygienic design
  • Industry 4.0 ready

A wide range of X-ray systems is available in models Dymond D and Dymond DSV

Dynamic Checkweighing

EWK WS 30/60 kg Checkweigher

Premium stainless steel checkweigher that delivers maximum performance, particularly for use in production of foods, pharmaceuticals and toiletries. Special versions and software are available. They can optionally be combined with a metal detector.

Product features

  • Weighing systems from 700 g to 60 kg
  • Standard deviation from 0.01 g and up
  • Max. throughput 100 items/min.
  • Verifiable as legal for trade
  • 2 display and control units: 10.4″ TFT or 15″ TFT with touch screen
  • Special versions and software available
  • Can be optionally combined with a metal detector

A wide range of checkweighers is available in models SYNUS , FLEXUS , ESSENTUS and OEM WEIGHING KIT

Desktop weight indicators & controllers

Weight indicators

Maxxis 5 Weight controller

The Maxxis 5 programmable weighing controller has won many awards for its precision, connectivity and functionality.

Product features

  • Use as table-top unit or for control cabinet mounting.
  • Connection of up to four scales possible.
  • Cabinet housing IP65
  • Stainless steel material

A wide range of controllers is available in models Midrics , Combics , CAIXS2 and Puro.

Weight transmitters

PR 5211 Weight transmitter

The PR 5211 series of Digital Process Transmitters combines reliable and accurate weight acquisition with extremely easy operation and setup.

Product features

  • Compact Fieldbus Transmitter PR 5211
  • PR 5211/10 with a high-performance 16 bit analogue output
  • PR 5211/11 with high-speed 12 Mbit Profibus-DP interface
  • PR 5211/00 providing both

A wide range of transmoitters is available in models PR 5220 , PR 5230 , Link E and CSD-892 .