Sustainability & innovation

CEO’s Message

Reading the Future trends, believing in our history and our team abilities and capabilities have been our main lights to develop our EAST dynamic business model.

Going at the first glance through our activities, a logical question will raise saying” How all these can fit together?”.

The secret is there in the history of our company and in the success story and life transformation of its loyal team members.

Our unique model was built in a way that traces the industrial and social evolutions in the communities we are operating in.

Having people in the focus of our values was a result of this model and it gave us the ability to challenge ourselves with new missions, new applications, and new industries.

Our know-how has been built over the years in a very innovative way, starting from understanding the stones processing industries, creating special application that provides innovative solutions into those industries, then standardizing those solutions to become own product that can be used in many other applications, this opened for us new directions and it resulted into the horizontal diversification that we are able to provide today.

We consider ourselves as the Swiss-knife for and customer that wants to build his industrial processing plant.

Through our diverse portfolio, today we are able to provide a complete solution from steel structure building, mechanical equipment (design, manufacture and install), electrification and energy management, as well process automation and controls.

We are looking to the future with open eyes towards our new challenges, the products focus will change , the customer demands will change and the business trends will change , yet our dynamic model will be able to auto adapt our ambition future plans.

Kamal Abdel Malek