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JCT Analysentechnik

JCT Analysentechnik GmbH based in Austria is your specialist for gas conditioning and emission monitoring . Since last 30 years JCT has been providing reliable and trust-worthy Gas Sampling and Conditioning Components for your process and emissions markets. These products are designed and extended using JCT detailed application knowledge along with EAST expertise.

In addition EX- Approved versions are available.

EAST is covering the following portfolio:

  • Gas Sampling Probes
  • Heated Sample Lines
  • Sample Gas Coolers , Pumps and Filters.
  • Gas Conditioning Systems
  • Gas analyzers and detectors

Gas Sampling Probes

Gas Sampling Probe Unheated


  • Large active filter surface
  • Filtration from outside to inside
  • Filter element change without tools
  • Different material of filter elements.
  • The following options are available on JES-301W Gas sampling probe.
  • Weather protection housing.
  • Full bore ball valve for process shut-off
  • Manual and actuator operation of ball valve
  • Variousupgrades and accessories

A wide range of JCT Probes is available on the following models.

JES-301G , JES-301L , JES-301LM , JES-301 , JES-301V , JES-360 , JES-360H , JES-370 , JES-380 , JES-301K , JES-301E1 , JES-301E1SV , JES-360Ex , JES-301KE1 , JER-EH , JHPF , JBPRV , JPES 

Heated Sample Lines

Heated Sample Lines with PA-Corrugated Hose


  • Ready for use
  • Regulated heatable to max. 200 °C
  • Heat insulation with thermo fleece
  • External protection corrugated jacket of polyamide
  • Inner core Interchangeable for JH3FR and reinforced with stainless steel braid
  • Availabe as an option Second core for calibration gas

A wide range of JCT Heated sample lines HSL is available on the following models.

JH3BE , JH3E & JH3ER , JH3FG & JH3FGR , JH3BEX , JH3EX , JISLC , JHAF , JPXE4 , HT-61 / HT-62 , HT-63 , HT-55 / HT-55H , JTC-419 / JTC-419E 

Sample Gas Coolers

Sample Gas Coolers


  • 1 or 2 independent gas paths
  • Integrated condensate pump
  • Digital temperature indication
  • Hot gas bypass compressor technology
  • Temperature sensor monitoring
  • Wall mount, and vailable free stand as an option

A wide range of JCT sample gas coolers is available on the following models.

JCT-1 & JCT-2 , JCT-3 , JCM-300 , JCM-310 / JCMF-310 , JCM-320 , JCM-3PC

Condensate Treatment

Condensate / Dosing Pump


  • Capacity approx. 290 ml/hr at low speed
  • Dosing pump capacity approx. 12 ml/hr at low speed
  • Self suctioning
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Consisting of synchronous motor, transmission and pump
  • Double roll bearing
  • Two PVDF-hose fittings for hoses DN 4/6
  • Available with or without housing

A wide range of JCT pumps is available on the following models.

JPCS , KW-2 , JKS-10 , 11-LD

Sample Gas Filters

Acid Filter


  • Wall mounting filter
  • Completely made of SS316Ti
  • Compact robust construction
  • Low pressure drop
  • Suitable for high pressures and temperatures
  • Variable connection technology

A wide range of JCT sample gas filter is available on the following models.

JGWU & JGWUH , JF-1 , JAF-1 , JSF-1 , JSF-2 , JBF-301L

Sample Gas Pumps

Heated Sample Feed Unit with Stream Selector

JSP-86 / JSP-86 KTE / JSP-89

  • Pump capacity 3 / 5,5 / 9,5 Nl/min
  • Corrosion resistant materials: EPDM, Ryton®, Viton, PTFE coated
  • Ball bearing brushless shaded pole motor
  • Oil free gas path
  • Operation in any installation position
  • Suitable fittings, mounting bracket and vibration absorbers as accessories

A wide range of JCT pumps available on the following models.

JMSUP-2 , JSP-87Ex

Gas Conditioning Systems

Gas Conditioning Systems

JCL-304 / JCL-319

  • Wall or 19″-rack mounting
  • Basic device with high-performance compressor sample gas cooler
  • 1 to 4 independant sample gas paths
  • Integrated condensate pumps
    Speed controlled fan
  • Corrosion resistant flowmeter with precise needle valve , Acid dosing pump and RS485 interface also available as an option

A wide range of JCT conditioning systems is available on the following models.

JCL-301 , JCC-R / JCC-Q / JCC-P / JCC-L , JCP-300

NOx Converter

NO2 to NO Sample Gas Converter


  • 19” wall mounting or portable housing
  • Efficiency of converter is more than 96 %
  • Digital temperature indication and status LEDs
  • Conversion material carbon or metallic (molybdenum containing)
  • Model with unheated or heated bypass connection upstream conversion for additional measurements or fast response times
  • Model with local or remote controllable unheated 2/3-way solenoid valve to bypass the converter cartridge for calibration or test gas feeding

Gas Analyzers

Thermal Conductivity Detector


  • 128 x 64 point graphic display
  • Operation via 3 keys or PC-based service program
  • Small robust design in aluminium housing for field operation (protection class IP65)
  • Linear electrically isolated current output 4….20mA, start and end point concentration freely selectable
  • 3 configurable relays for alarm message and device status

A wide range of JCT detectors is available on the following models.



Fittings and Accessories

Fittings and Accessories

Fittings , Heating Block for Ex Zones , Heated Stream Selector , Flowmeter , Heating Block for Ex Zones , Detonation Barrier , Dilution Unit , High Temperature Tape Heater

A wide range of CEMS accessories and fittings is vialable on the following models.