Sustainability & Innovation


The story of EAST is rooted back from the fifties; this is when Eng. Ragai Abdel Malek an Egyptian Civil Engineer has inaugurated his Road building contracting firm. Twenty years later He started diversifying his activity by offering also to the local market machineries from top notch brands that tackle the challenges and improving the productivity in the same field of Road construction.

By the end of the nineties, Kamal R. Abdel Malek joined the company and started a new Area for this long lasting family business.

By Rebranding the company Name to EAST “Engineering and Services Technology “, there has been a clear indication about a totally new offering to the market based on providing value added services that are following the several industrial revolution and that are designed to overcome the day to day operational challenges in different industries as well in the well-known field of Road construction.

Through focusing on upgrading of the conventional Asphalt production and crushing plants, EAST started to build lots of in-house knowledge in Industrial Process Automation, weighing and measurements, mechanics, gases and combustion, structures and stress analysis, etc….By Building up all those in- houses capabilities, it has been obvious that the Knowledge can be used in several other industries, application as well other geographic locations.

Today EAST is a trusted and reliable partner that brings to customers a full line of engineering services with value and innovation.

EAST portfolio is considered to be a complete offering that is essential for every industrial operation, with some vertical Excellency in the mineral and mining related industries.

First Generation

How it started

Roads Builder / Contractors 
Road / Mining Equipment Partnership with AMMANN
Steel Structure Builder Partnership with Gierllinger – CH
1954 – 1981
1981 – 1991

Second Generation

The Evolution of EAST

Company renamed and restructured to EAST
Automation and Measurement Partnership with Müller
Weighing / Industrial Inspection Partnership with Minebea Intec
Power management partnership with Camille Bauer
Establishing an independent contracting arm for electro mechanical activities
First AMMANN biggest plant capacity in the market
Transferring EAST to a joint stock company
Founding PST for the oil business
Starting October branch at eSquare Egypt
Established EAST AG Switzerland / Agreement with Baioni Italy
Sheet metal works production starts in Egypt
Start of the steel structure manufacturing at EAST factory / First laser machine
New EAST branding launch
Extension of the factory space by 50% / Starting concrete plants production
Acting widely in Africa
2007 – 2017
2012 – 2018