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Multistory Steel Building

The Project/The Challenge

Our customer is an famous FMCG company that has requested to build a new production facility over a 10 000 m3 with 3 stories.

The Project was a combined steel frame and concrete precast slabs as well a full building cladding with Sandwich panels to cover and insulate the building while also maintaining a food grade structure that meet the international standards in the field.

The project size is around 1500 Tons of Steel structure that need to be produced and installed within a time frame of 8 months, yet to maintain the project demand of no availability of big site storage, coordination with the concrete slab producer / installer to organize the crane usage on site … organize the delivery of materials steels and cladding to deliver what is needed on time at site.

Coordinate to open enough work for the electromechanical works installer onsite.

Make storage area ready and safe during the construction work for the production line equipment storage.


EAST Project Added Value

EAST has built a special project team that worked not only on the project site, but also inside our production facility and within our supply chain team.

One Team with full access to all company resources and starting from the technical office and planning team.

The team started with the design of the installation methodology based on the site circumstances with a multiple plans’ scenarios to ensure enough flexibility during the project progression taking into consideration the possible alterations that might raise due to the site conditions changes.

Through the methodology of installation, we have planned backward all the project parts production, delivery and timing that ensured the possibilities to install columns and beams in one section while concrete slabs and installed on another section keeping the handling equipment moving a safe way.

While the project time frame was extended due to other circumstances, we have been able to meet the customer expectations and delivered our project according to his crashed time frame.