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Kiln and Preheater Gas Analyzer Systems Sinai Cement Company – Egypt

The Application

Cement plants need reliable online analysis of the process gasses at the kiln inlet if they are to compete in a tough market, the gas analysis data is used to optimize plant safety, operating costs, production and emissions, without kiln inlet gas analysis, the kiln will consume too much energy, pollute the environment and shut down more often with production losses and unnecessary wear on expensive equipment.

The Solution

EAST having a wide portfolio and solutions for all gas analysis applications, it was our main concern to integrate a solution that offers the best measuring accuracy, durability and sustainability at this risky and important stage of the cement production.

That leads us to the install a fail-safe sampling probe with retraction possibility in case of any overheating, cooling pump problems, low air pressure or even in case of power outage using an emergency pneumatic motor.

Concentrating on giving the most accurate and reliable gas measurements EAST team have selected the measuring point carefully according to standards and on site maneuvers to be sure that the sample gas will be expressive to the actual gas concentrations without any introduction of false air and with the use of a heated sample line we made sure that there’s no condensate droplets in the sample path that may leads to chemical reactions and affect the readings.

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