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Gas Analyzer System for Kiln Line 2 – Main Stack CEMS Sinai White Portland Cement “CEMENTIR Group” – Egypt

The Application

In accordance to law 4/1994 for the Protection of the environment amended by law 9/2009, the continuous emission monitoring of industrial stacks becomes mandatory to a lot of industries, the continuous monitoring makes it possible to calculate the environmental impact of each plant and also to check if the concentration of the plant exhaust gases is in the acceptable environmental limits set by EEAA.

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The Solution

EAST being one of the main companies working in this field and having a wide portfolio of products which serves all different industries at all possible conditions, have integrated a solution offering the monitoring of exhaust gases components in accordance to EEAA regulations with the least number of installed devices, thus leads to less stack openings, less maintenance time and for sure a lower cost in comparison to other solutions available at the market.

The solution offers the monitoring of 12 different components with only one device:

  • Hot Wet Extractive system with Heated Gas analyzer system using the high-resolution FTIR spectrometer which provides selective measurement of infrared active gas molecules, with the possibility to measure extra gases in the future (up to 15) without having to install any extra hardware, just a software upgrade.
  • Sample gas is extracted from the stack and transported to the analyzer using heated line and heated sampling components – filters, pumps etc., including the analyzer measurement cell. The temperature of all components in contact with the sample gas is typically at 180°C to avoid
    condensation and loss of soluble gases.
  • Sensitivity of the system is not related to stack diameter.
  • Multi gases including specialty gases that are difficult to measure in other techniques.
  • Varying stack temperature does not affect the measurements.

All the measurements signals “4-20 ma” are hardwired to signal duplicators Before getting connected to the PLC and the Data logger which sends the signals directly and continuously to EEAA premises using SIM card internet.

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