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Manufacturing and Assembly

M&A business unit represents production sector for EAST, it’s responsible for steel manufacturing in general. M&A manufacturing capabilities can manufacture starting from small brackets to complicated steel structures. Our scope includes EAST products, projects and specially tailored product according to your needs.

What We Offer

Steel Structure & Brackets

EAST MnA Sinlge Height Building

Single Height Hall

EAST MnA Multi Stores Building

Multi Stores Building

EAST MnA Brackets

Supporting Brackets

EAST MnA General Parts

General Parts

Machines and Equipment

EAST MnA Truck Scale

Truck Scales

EAST MnA Ice Scale

Ice Scales

EAST MnA Loading Feeders

Loading Feeders

EAST MnA Transport Car

Transport Cars

Bulk Silo and Liquid Tanks

EAST MnA Cement Silos

Cement Silos

EAST MnA Water Tank

Water Tanks

EAST MnA Fuel Tank

Diesel Tanks

EAST MnA Oil Heated Bet Tank

Oil Heated Bitumen Tanks