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Charging Electrical Cars

The (IR-FB) A new control concept of operation safety for the foundry Iron casting industry.

EAST News Remote Controled Car Car

The Application

Steel casting is harsh industry especially when it comes to the furnace inlet area.

Part of the process is to feed scrap steel into the melting furnace, this process is controlled via transport Car, that is loaded via charging cranes.

After Car charging with scarp, it is guided by an operator to transport the cast iron scarp to the furnace inlet.

To monitor the process the operator has to move around the vicinity as the normal existing system was using a cable connected hand held unit to the machine, thus he gets exposed to the high temperature of the melting furnace, as well facing the risk to hit any moving person around the car during its traverse movement.

EAST News Remote Controled Car Application
EAST News Remote Controled Car Control Panel

The Solution

EAST being a producers machines and systems, have redesigned the complete car mechanically and (electrically in cooperation with Mueller Industrie-Elektronik) to offer a new machine with higher safety standards and better control.

The new machine which is being controlled via an Infra-red remote unit has many new features:

  • Traveling speed change via Analogue control signal
  • Machine charge unloading via remote control
  • Machine emergency stop in case of operator using visibility
  • The system as an optional dis-charging flow control
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